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Apartment Building Loans and Multifamily Property Loan Programs

multifamily apartment loan

Apartment building loans are also referred to as multifamily property loans by commercial lenders. In order to qualify as a "commercial" loan, there must be at least 5 units in the subject property.

Structures containing five or more dwelling units with common area facilities such as entrances, lobby, elevators, stairs, mechanical space, walks or grounds. Units must be rented on a non-transient basis such that tenants consider their unit their permanent residence. Properties that offer weekly or monthly housing would not be considered multifamily properties.

Apartment buildings are a preferred property type because they are the least risky type of commercial property from a lender's point of view. This is great news for apartment building and multifamily property investors, because it means the rates and terms available to finance your property are among the best in the market.

K2 Commercial Finance knows exactly how to package your multifamily loan for maximum lender impact. This speeds up the underwriting process and gets our clients the best possible terms and highest possible loan-to-value offers.

We will work with you to create the strongest possible loan submission package, highlighting the strengths of your property with respect to its local market and specific location attributes, as well as favorable property conditions and characteristics.

Market and Location Underwriting Considerations include:

  • Adequate linkage factors to retail services such as food, drug store and community shopping within 3-mile radius.
  • Adequate community services such as fire, police, school and health facilities withing a 10-mile radius.
  • Lease expirations should not indicate 25% or greater of all units in any given month, 50% for any given three-month period, and 75% for any six-month period.

Property Conditions and Characteristics Underwriting Considerations include:

  • Properties with over 3 stories should have elevator service.
  • Property should be attractive and have an appropriate mix of units to remain competitive in its market.
  • Property should have adequate parking availability.

K2 Commercial Finance also has a unique method of normalizing Apartment Property income and positioning expense considerations that helps our lenders provide the best possible loan offers in the shortest amount of time.

When you have a requirement for apartment building loans to purchase or refinance an apartment building properrty, make sure to work with a Commercial Mortgage Planning Specialist that understands this particular market niche. The difference between a good loan and the BEST possible loan could mean tens of thousands of income to you over the years! 

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