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Financing Available for most Commercial Property Types!

Securing the best possible commercial loan involves more than a trip to your friendly neighborhood banker, or a call to a residential mortgage broker. It is essential that you work with a commercial mortgage specialist with the knowledge to properly submit a Preliminary Underwriting Loan Submission Extract that presents your specific project and property type in the best possible manner.

Your commercial mortgage planning specialist must also have access to, understand and be able to communicate the nuances of the many financing programs available.

The difference between a good loan and the BEST possible loan could mean tens of thousands of income to you over the years!

K2 Commercial Finance works with private and institutional funding sources with different areas of expertise and transaction preferences. Here is a partial list of the types of Commercial Property that can be funded:

Tier 1 Property Types

Multifamily Property Loans
Mixed-Use Property Loans

Tier II Property Types

Mobile Home Park Loans
Office Property Loans
Retail Property Loans
Self Storage Property Loans
Bed & Breakfast Property Loans
Light Industrial Property Loans
Warehouse Property Loans

Tier III Property Types

Automotive Property Loans
Hotel Loans
Motel Loans
Funeral Home Loans
Industrial Property Loans
Rooming House Loans

Tier IV Properties

Day Care Property Loans
Health Care Property Loans
Restaurant Property Loans
RV Park Loans

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