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Commercial Real Estate Loan Checklist

The Information from this checklist will assist K2 Commercial Finance in building your loan submission package and quickly identifying the best potential lender for your loan request. When contacting us, please try to include as much information as you can from this list.

  • Complete contact information for borrower. Please include: Name, company name (if any) and street mailing address, Email address, Telephone and Fax numbers and the best time to reach you. 
  • Is this a NEW FINANCING or a REFINANCE? 
  • Amount of financing required. 
  • Purpose of the loan (lower interest rate, longer term, etc.) 
  • Type of property (Warehouse, Land, Apartment). 
  • A description of the property (location, square footage, construction type, age, etc.). 
  • Information about the owner of the property? 
  • How will the cash flow be generated to repay this loan?
  • Explanation of current debt on the property. Include term of loan, interest rate, monthly payment, number of payments made, approximate remaining balance, lender name etc. 
  • Is there a balloon on the loan? If so how much. 
  • If leased: terms of lease.
  • If appraised recently, details of the appraisal. 
  • Your estimate of value if there is no recent appraisal.
  • How do you rate your personal credit (A to E with A being excellent)?


  • Property Profit and Loss Statements (last 2 yrs. + current yr.)
  • Number of units 
  • Rent rolls (apartments) 
  • Occupancy Rates (last 2 yrs. + current yr.)
  • annual rental income breakdown, 
  • annual expense breakdown, 
  • Who pays for utilities? 

Please complete your summary by telling us any other facts that you feel we should be aware of. If you E-mail or fax us, we will contact you soon after receiving this information.

Once a lender has been identified, you should expect them to request the items listed in our Loan Package Checklist.

Loan Package Checklist

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