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Industrial Property Loans

Securing the best possible industrial property loans involves more than a trip to your friendly neighborhood banker. As with all commercial lending situations, presenting your industrial property in the best possible light, and understanding the nuances of the many financing programs available can make a huge difference in the quality of the loan offers you ultimately receive.

K2 Commercial Finance can assist with both Industrial and "Light" Industrial financing. A large property where heavy machinery, welding operations, cranes or hazardous materials are used will be considered Industrial.

Light Industrial is characterized by a small size facility where no heavy manufacturing or specialized industrial process takes place. Office space within light industrial ranges from 3% to 25% of the total area. Buildings must include sufficient plumbing and lighting to accommodate personnel. Common uses found in Light Industrial properties may include: cabinet making, assembly processes, home service industries, etc.

When underwriting industrial property loan opportunities, K2 Commercial Finance first considers the type of Industrial property that requires financing. In addition to the “Light Industrial” issue, we have programs specifically designed for single or multi-tenant, manufacturing and research and development properties.

We will work with you to create the strongest possible loan submission package, highlighting the strengths of your property with respect to its local market and specific location attributes, as well as favorable property conditions and characteristics. For example, lenders will want to know that your property is properly configured for truck turnaround, ingress, egress, and has easy access to rail or highway transport.

We also have a method of normalizing income and positioning expense considerations that helps our lenders provide the best possible loan offers in the shortest amount of time.

Our job is to create the strongest possible loan submission package and target it to the exact lender or lending program for the specific property, or for your unique borrowing requirements.

If you have a need for an Industrial Property loan to acquire or to refinance an property you currently own, please call K2 Commercial Finance to discuss your requirements. We have the mortgage planning expertise to secure the BEST possible loan scenario for you. 

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