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Office Property Loans

Securing Office Property Loans and identifying the best possible financing program involves more than a trip to your friendly neighborhood banker.

Office buildings are buildings designed for general commercial occupancy and are normally subdivided into smaller units. Office use implies a general business that does not include retail, manufacturing or warehouse type operations.

When underwriting office property loan opportunities, K2 Commercial Finance first considers the type of office structure that requires financing. Is the building located in a "central business district"? Is it a "suburban garden office", a "suburban high-rise", perhaps a medical office? We have specific lending programs tailored for each type of office property.

Our job is to create the strongest possible loan submission package and target it to the exact lender or lending program for the specific property, or for your unique borrowing requirements.

When you have a requirement for an Office Property Loan make sure to work with a Commercial Mortgage Planning Specialist that understands this particular market niche. The difference between a good loan and the BEST possible loan could mean tens of thousands of income to you over the years! 

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